Papa Bolga

Ghanaians are wondering who is gonna take over the comedy scene after Kojo Nkansah (Lil Wyn), DKB and Kalybos but Ghanaians shouldn’t be afraid there’s someone who’s gonna make them laugh and we are introducing you to the new comer: Papa Bolga.

Some people are wondering who’s Papa Bolga? He’s the outstanding and unbeatable comedian and with one fact: arising comedian in Ghana right now. He is good in stage craft and comedy skit. We don’t know who to compare with when it comes to fooling cause he’s over talented.

On the more serious note he’s embarking on his new project. This is to bring Ghanaians laughter back to life again — the Legendary Papa Bolga with his management team.

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This the first comedy skit he is bringing out and Ghanaians should expect more because he’s something else he’s the kind of talent Ghanaians should watch out and beyond because Papa Bolga is the next big thing. The video will be coming out every week to keep the fans laughing. His personal manager itzGYEKYE is always making sure things are in order to keep the work grooving and he’s brand is very serious you can check his pictures below