Battery Charging
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Mobile phones are regularly improved daily. The name ‘personal computer’ has already been chosen else these smartphones would best fit that name. Expectations and developments upon mobile devices every year are phenomenal, but developments in battery longevity haven’t kept pace with other technological advances. Maybe that’s why one of the most common questions we hear is, “How can I extend my Android’s battery life?”

We will be taking you through some tweaks, settings and fixes that even tech un-savvy newcomers could adapt. If you think you’re OMNIKNOWEST then  you can skip this article to the next one ….. like seriously?? Probably if you’re abreast with the android operating system, then you won’t find much here.

Here is absolutely everything you need to know about getting the most out of your battery life: from routine maintenance to rooting and underclocking.

1. Get a better battery

You have to upgrade your battery to a higher capacity model. Sounds funny, right? Yeah I know but I assure you most smartphones use the Black Rhino or the Hawksbill Turtle.

2. Kill apps when you aren’t using them

The problem is, task killers became unnecessary even before they really got popular. Android has gotten really good at managing its own memory, and most of the apps that you murder this way will just spring right back to life. If anything, app killers suck battery rather than conserve it.

But there’s a new feature that’s been available since Android 4.0: the Recent Apps menu. Although this feature’s primary intent is to make swapping between apps faster, it is also possible to “swipe away” apps. Some myths have cropped up that it’s good practice to pull up the Recent Apps menu and swipe away any apps you aren’t using, effectively killing them.

3. Turn off features and things you aren’t using

You should always turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location (GPS) when you aren’t actively using them. If you’re want to be really aggressive with control over your battery, you might even want to experiment with disabling your mobile network connection when you know you won’t be using it as well. Wi-Fi drains far less battery than cellular service.

Many users leave these features running all day without really thinking about it. Turning on Airplane Mode will knock out all of them in one fell swoop. Airplane Mode isn’t just for when you’re airborne, however.

4. Kill  your vibration

Your smartphone has a small vibration motor inside that has to spin in order to produce the effect every time you have a call or text message. However, some people put on vibration because they are in a banking hall, courtroom etc. The haptic feedback you have when touching your screen could be draining your battery. If you really want to maximize battery life you should decrease or put off vibration.

5. Dim your brightness

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6. Limit background data

7. Rooting your phone

8. Use Battery Saver

9. Don’t install apps, themes etc you don’t often use

10. Cut back on your notifications