Kalybos meets Emmanuella
Photo Credits: @KalybosPro / Instagram

Kalybos meets Emanuella?? ? Kinda shocked right? This Saturday Efua Sutherland Children’s Park in the Accra Metropolis will be filled with laughter. Come and lets laugh some of the anger and pain off of our body, mind and soul as Kalybos invites Emmanuella to make you laugh enter toilet ….. lol.

I will say a big kudos to 3Dotz Multimedia for pulling this massive string. What the heaven are you waiting for? Grab a cool ticket for GHS20 and book your seat.

He took to Instagram and posted:

kalybos1 2DAYS More with@3dotzmultimedia
@kalybos1 MEETS EMMANUELLA@EFUA SUTHERLAND CHILDREN’S PARK FROM 8am sharp to 6pm bham. Cool 20ghc so don’t miss this day. Come with niece, nephews, uncles, aunties, brother’s, sister’s, mothers sister’s daughters daughter ?and your grandfather’s son’s first born son’s daughter. See you all on SATURDAY. 0268151161

Here is the post at Instagram: