Day-Born? What is that actually? It is simply when day you were born. As culture reveals where you’re from, its a great deal to know the meaning of your name of the exact day you were born.

Do you know the day you were born? The answer is definitely YES. If yes, do you know some traits of your day-born and that of your partner? I guess the answer is a BIG no.

Here are all the names of the various day-borns (partners) and some of the traits each possess:

1. Sunday Borns (Akwasi & Akosua)

Akwasi – Great Mentors
Akosua – Most Influential


2. Monday (Kwadwo & Adwoa)

Kwadwo – Great Husbans
Adwoa – Great Friends


3. Tuesday Borns (Kwabena & Abena)

Kwabena – Great Business Men
Abena – Great Parents


4. Wednesday Borns (Kwaku & Akua)

Kwaku – Great Parents
Akua – Best Wives


5. Thursday Borns (Yaw & Yaa)

Yaw – Quick Problem Solvers
Yaa – Great Bosses


6. Friday Borns (Kofi & Afia)

Kofi – Great Friends
Afia – Great Mentors


7. Saturday Borns (Kwame & Ama)

Kwame – Great Team Leader
Ama – Perfect Lovers


Photo Credits: GhanaBa / Facebook