No! This is not to suggest that He must be killed. The Obiri Danso a Lecturer must Live. Power they say corrupt minds.  Obiri Danso the Lecturer used to be this fun non oppressor. 

I have known Prof Obiri Danso in my second Year at KNUST. He  was a Microbiology Lecturer. You could be late for lectures and He wouldn’t be too harsh on You. He will find a nice and appropriate way to inform you to desist from Lateness.

His classes were fun and very informative. He has a sense of humor and his relations with students always proved he was the ‘Boys Boys’  kind of Person. You could catch him at the KNUST poolside on weekends enjoying himself with Beer and probably also ‘Sighting’ bikini clad ladies at the poolside.


The all too nice Danso suddenly became a blatant Totalitarian, Draconian and Fascist when he was appointed the VC of the school and Assumed office in August 2016.

1) Transportation suddenly changed. Drivers were asked to get a sticker before being allowed to enter the school via the main route. One trotro Driver I had a conversation with said He was charged ghc1000 to get a sticker. Obinims sticker I think doesn’t even cost that much. Drivers who opt to not pay this much to get the sticker have to meander their way through the schools botanical garden to get to the campus. The excuse is allowing the drivers through the main route might endanger the lives of students. But come to think of this? ? Can’t a robber just walk to the school and perform his operations ?? We witnessed one in 2011 at Continental Hall. Maybe he should allow them their formal freedom. Don’t you think so ???

2)Students Life Has Been  Living Hell.

Evidence of student brutality.

KNUST can now safely be interpreted as Kwame Nkrumah University of SORROWS and TEARS.  Since his inception, there has been restrictions on what previously was free to practise. A  male student can’t be found in a females room after 10pm.  But wait ?? Can sex only be had after 10pm??,just answer this yourself.

Students can no longer have ‘morals’. I used not to be the noisy kind of student, but I enjoyed ‘morals’ at Conti. They entertain, often doused with profanity and hillarious Lyrics. They were just fun.

Recently, students were brutalised by school security for just having a moral session. Prof Danso, Don’t you think it’s uncalled for.

3) Tradition Has Been Threatened!

Doesn’t the Bible ask us to give unto Caesar what Belongs to Caesar?? Why does Prof want to give to the girls what belongs to Boys. Conti and Katanga halls are not for the Girls Mr VC. Maybe just maybe sometimes you musn’t play God and act all knowing all wise to change tradition.


Please Proffesor,  let the Lecturer You live as VC. Kill the Arrogant , intimidating,  totalitarian, fascist,  draconian you.

The school appreciates your infrastructural development, but don’t you think you must develop  relations with students as well? ??