Some people are so afraid of making mistakes, it stops them committing to a relationship even when they have found the wonderful guy.

They think about it, they worry about it and they ask their friends about it. But before they get around to doing something about it, their perfect man has got tired of waiting and gone on his way! If that sound like it could be you, and you haven’t yet realized that you are onto a good thing, here are ten of the signs that will tell you have found a wonderful guy and you really should do all you can to hold on to him.

1. He makes you feel safe

One of the best things about meeting the right kind of guy is that you know you will be safe when he’s around. He doesn’t need to be built like a pro wrestler to make you feel like that, it’s just the feeling you get when he puts his arms around you. You know that he would never hurt you and that he would do all he can to stop anyone else hurting you.

2. He loves you for who you are

If you have found a man who you feel comfortable with all the time, and who loves even your weirdest traits, then you’ve found a man who’s worth hanging on to. No one can be perfect all the time and a guy you should never let go is one who loves you just as much when you aren’t at your best as he does when you are on top form.


3. He knows his way around the kitchen

He may not be able to rustle up a fine dining experience, but if knows how to scramble a few eggs, it’s always a bonus. If you know that a man can help out in the kitchen, and with other chores, you know that you won’t be left doing it all, and that’s got to be a few more points in this guy’s favour.


4. He has vision

Another good sign that you have found a great guy is that he is ambitious and he has plans for the future. If you are going to keep him around, then you want to know that he has some drive and that he has dreams. It’s his ambition that will take you to exciting places and his ambition will inspire you to greater things as well.

5. He treats you with respect

A wonderful guy will always treat you with respect. He would never do anything to hurt to you and he will never put you down. He also keeps his promises and he treats you like a lady. Respect is an essential part of a relationship. If he shows you the respect and treats you right now, it’s a good sign that he will keep on doing that in the future too.

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6. You trust him

Honesty is the other big thing that will tell you have found a good man. If you have never had any reason to doubt him and you know he would never lie to you, then this is a man that you will want to keep. People who are honest about the little things are usually trustworthy when it comes to the more important ones as well.

7. Your family like him

We’ve moved on from the days of a man having to ask the father’s permission to marry the daughter, but if your dad and the rest of the family like your guy, that’s always a good sign. You may not always agree with your parents, but they probably do only have your best interest at heart. They also see things in your boyfriends that you might not, simply because they have been around for a lot longer than you have.

8. He’s not scared off when you are unwell

When your nose is running and you have cold sores all around your mouth, a good man that is worth keeping will stay with you and take care of you. He is also very understanding, when it comes to your periods, and he doesn’t run a mile because he thinks you might get a bit cranky. He might not fully understand how you are feeling, but he’ll do his best to make you feel better.

9. You can talk to him

If a guy is worth keeping then he’s got to be able to listen to you and you have to feel that you can talk to him about anything. He will also be able to open up to you too. A good man will always respect your right to privacy, but he will always be there for you when you do need to talk.

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10. He always stands up for you

He will also stand up for you, even when he thinks you are wrong. If you have a man that is always there for you, always fights your corner, and supports you, then you’d better not let him go. Being in a good relationship means that you never have to face things alone, so hang on to a guy who backs you up every time, because he’s worth his weight in gold!



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