AY in Professor Johnbull

This Saturday’s episode of Professor Johnbull, the high-riding TV drama series sponsored by Glo, promises more excitement and humour as it features hilarious comedian, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY.

Glo Mobile in a statement said this week’s episode, entitled “Happening Guys”, would, in line with the philosophy of the family entertainment series, throw light on another social idiosyncrasy, indecent dressing across different age brackets and genders.

The company urged viewers to watch this weekend’s episode of the satire to see humour merchant AY at his wittiest form at 7.30 p.m. on Saturday on UTV. Who are the “Happening Guys”?

What is regarded as indecent dressing? Is it true that the way a person is dressed often determines how he is addressed? What moral lessons will the conscience of the programme, Professor Johnbull, teach in this episode? What will be AY’s role in the episode and how will he engage the Professor? These and more posers are what viewers of the programme will find out on Saturday.

Glo described this episode as highly interesting, and one that will change the conversation on the rivalry between ‘old school’ and ‘modern swags’.

The statement encouraged comedy lovers not to miss this week’s episode of the TV drama series which has already earned the unofficial appellation of “the moral conscience” of the sub-Saharan African society.

Professor Johnbull, in a matter of weeks, has become a part and parcel of family TV entertainment programme targets on Saturday evenings across Ghana.

Set in South Eastern Nigeria, its rich messages, presented by some of the best Nollywood acts, have endeared it to many because they are directed at promoting African societal and family values in a very humorous fashion.

One of Professor Johnbull’s catchy expressions, “Over and Out” is fast gaining usage in conversation among young people in town.

Source: citifmonline.com