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Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are real. They are acquired via an unprotected sexual activity with an infected partner.

Examples of STD include; gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital herpes etc.

Currently, STDs are among the commonest medical condition affecting men and women in the reproductive age group. It is therefore important that as individuals, we become aware of common symptoms and signs. So what are the signs that suggest a partner may have been infected?

1. Pain during urination

This is usually a common symptom of sxually transmitted infections, caused by the ascension of bacteria from the reproductive organs into the bladder. This causes intense irritation of the inner lining of the bladder by toxins produced by the bacteria. This translates to intense burning sensation and pain during urination. When your partner complains of pain during urination or you notice it yourself, you may advise him or her to go for a test.

2. Discharge from the vagina or the penis

Another way to see if your partner is having STIs is that thick dense milk that comes from her vagina or his penis. It is common symptom of gonorrhea infection. If he/she complains or you notice any discharge from the penis or the vagina, then clearly he/she is having STI.

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3. Presence of sores around the genitals or the mouth

The presence of any sore around the mouth or the genitals should give a suspicion of STI. Mouth sore may be indicative of herpes infection especially in people who practice blowjob and gagging.

4. Painful sexual intercourse

With adequate pre-intimacy, psychological readiness and increase fluid secretion by the cells lining the vagina, sexual intercourse should not be painful with a pleasurable experience. With STI, sx becomes painful due to the changes that occur with the vagina by the invading organisms. This can be as a result of dryness, internal sores, adhesions of surrounding structures commonly seen with PID and friability of the mucosa lining of the vagina. Consult a physician for proper assessment if your partner complains about it.

5. Itchy or scratchy genitals

Studies show that more than 70% of genital itching without any other symptom turns out to be a sexually transmitted infection. Local effect of the toxins produced by the bacteria on the cells causes it.

6. Strong or offensive odour during sex

Finally, that fishy smelly odour. You can’t miss this scent when you take her panties off. It is clearly a suggestive symptom of bacterial vaginosis. Certain organisms causes that scent and colonize the internal reproductive organs of the female. The female reproductive syste) should be devoid of any pungent, strong or offensive smell.

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