Ghanaian dancehall artist-Ebony decided to “swindle’ a Volta Region based Event organiser who paid her 20,000 GHS and spent over 13,000 making stage preparations by failing to show up.
We’ve watched a video and listened to an audio from Ebony (below) promoting a concert at the Majestic Ville Resort in Hoehoe which was scheduled for January 2 but Ebony failed to show up, despite the organiser’s huge preparation cost and herself having been paid.

According to one of the organisers, a few hours to the event when the stage was almost complete, Ebony’s manager called to tell them that the artist is sick and therefore wouldn’t be able to make an appearance.The non-appearance of the Ebony which led to the cancellation of the whole concert would go a long way to affect the Volta Region-based company that produces alcoholic bitters, called “K Monsi Bitters,” the main sponsor and financier of the event.

The organisers say, Ebony deliberately failed to show up after booking the concert and this has cost them a lot.

Not only has Ebony’s failure to show up cost the Event organisers a lot in cash, they’ve also suffered a reputational damage as the crowd who gathered at the venue, regular patrons of their events, went home totally livid.
Speaking on zylofon FM this morning manager for ebony Bullet if Ruff and Smooth n”” fame said he has refunded the GHS 20,000 that was paid to them, but the remains unpaid is the cost of the preparation; the stage, lighting, advertisement and other consequential costs—which if not settled, would result in a lawsuit said by the promoter of the event but manager for Ebony said there was no clause like that in the contract signed.

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