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Ghanaian dance-hall musician AK SONGSTRESS in a live video on Facebook said a Ghanaian musician with huge following want to sleep with her before doing a collaboration with her. She said her management contacted the artist for the collaboration but the artist went behind the management discussion and contacted her AK SONGSTRESS that is the usual thing in the industry so he must sleep with her before he does the collaboration.
AK SONGSTRESS also said that some female musicians in the industry sleep with male artist for collaboration.

Even though she refused to mention which artist it was. Discussing the issue this morning on zylofon fm it was alleged to be shatta wale.
Speaking on ZYLOFON FM this morning shatta wale denied ever demanding for sex form AKSONGSTRESS
SHATTA WALE was also asked about why her collaboration with EBONY also never came on and that it was the same allegation that he demanded sex from EBONY. Shatta wale said her collaboration with did not come on because there was communication issue about the video shoot. He said ebony’s manager of ruff and smooth fame wanted the video to be shot in a way that he didn’t like so decided not to feature in the video and that is why his part on the sponsor song was edited and brought out without we hearing shatta’s voice on the song