sex positions

Akumaa Mama Zimbi has been a blessing when it comes to solving relationship, marriage and sex problems to Ghanaians. She has been releasing great sex positions that you will make you go wild.

The LOVE DOCTOR has introduced us to some really good sex positions that should be added to the “Kama Sutra”.  Here is a recap of how she improved the boom boom pow in her shows. #Hy3WoDross #Medaase.

Funny Facts About the Penis

Watch the whole of the following sex positions as taught by the LOVE DOCTOR:
1. How to entice your husband to fuck you
2. Bamako Doddy Sex Position With Moesha Boduong
3. Damango Sex Position With Bibi Bright and Zynnell Zuh
4. Manchester United Sex Position
5. See-Saw Sex Position with Sandra Pearson
6. Sudan Sex Position

Research has shown that sex have the following importance on your body:
1. Look younger
2. Boost your fertility
3. Fight colds and flu
4. Disease-proof your body
5. Lengthen your life
6. Shift your middle-age spread and keep fit
7. Ease those nasty period cramps
8. Helps lower your risk of incontinence
9. Prevent a heart attack
10. Increase your attractiveness to others
11. Smooth out your wrinkles
12. Give yourself an all-over healthy glow
13. Improve your self-esteem
14. Lower your blood pressure
15. Banish depression
16. Cure that headache (yes, really!)
17. Slash stress
18. Kick your insomnia into touch
19. Strengthen your bones
20. Cut your risk of prostate cancer
21. Feel better all day

Ways to Know She is a Virgin