the cheating woman

Most often than none, the cheating woman has some traits that are well exhibited. Well, do you know if your girlfriend is the cheating type? Here are some:

1. Good Liars

Lying and cheating are a bit similar; they both share the same qualities of being deceitful, dishonest and untrustworthy. A woman who can easily tell a lie would also easily cheat on her man.


2. Over-demanding 

The woman who never has it enough is also likely to cheat. This kind of woman always want more; be it attention, money and every other thing — and the more you try, the less she appreciates you. Women like these would easily meet another man to provide their insatiable needs.

3. Flirt

Some women love the attention, they love to flirt and they just love the attention they get from men. Women like these have men coming for them in their droves, and how hard would it be to then stay faithful.

4. Loves Fun Very Much

Fun is okay, fun is good and it shouldn’t be all work and no fun. But women who are thrill seekers, and who are ready to have fun almost every day of their lives would most likely have an affair with some other guy. The thrill that comes with fun, especially if you aren’t having it with your man can thrill you to cheat.

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5. Extremely Jealous

Cheating partners also hate to be cheated on; while this isn’t a given, but cheating women would keep their path clean (that is hide their affairs) and scrutinize the life of their man.


6. Emotionally Unavailable

When a woman starts being emotionally unavailable for her man, it could become easier for her to cheat at this point. She’s tired of her relationship/marriage and would easily notice the strengths of another man and the weakness of her man.

While she might be pushed to this point of emotional unavailability by her man, she’s at her weakest at this point.

7. Secretive

imagesA cheating woman knows that there are many skeletons in her closet, so she has a somewhat secretive nature to hide her deeds. While there might not be definite clues to who a cheating woman is, these traits are easily shared by some cheating women.