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Believe me, breakup is the worst scenario that can happen in a relationship. Maybe you pulled the plug. Maybe your partner did. But it doesn’t have to cripple you forever.

1. Do exercises

Mount up and take all the energy, and use it towards something beneficiary and productive. For instance, pretending that punching bag is your ex’s face, running as if you’re preparing for the Olympics. Exercise that are moderately intensity like weight lifting and jogging do wonders for your muddy mind by releasing feel-good endorphins.

2. Practice self-care

Think about what made you satisfied before the relationship: Did you have a passion project you put on hold? Take a book and write all your strengths in one column and your weaknesses in another. Sit back and consider working out more or improving upon your strengths as well as your weaknesses. If you aren’t doing well with your weakness, you can supplement it with an engaging activity like sewing, joining a group of like-minded people etc.

3. Enroll yourself back into the dating school

Some people think it is weird to date early after a hell of a breakup. But let me assure that it is advisable to get over your ex by getting under someone else. But hey, pause a moment and ask yourself these questions before you proceed: “Does the idea of meeting someone new feel empowering and exciting? Or leave you feeling stressed and vulnerable?” If you aren’t sure you can start by dipping you finger on Facebook, Tinder etc.

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4. Give what you have

Research from Harvard Medical School shows that donating one’s time may improve both mental and physical health. So get out and volunteer at your place of worship, a local soup kitchen, or a local pet shelter.

5. Talk to a therapist

If chatting with your girlfriends isn’t doing the trick, consider reaching out to a pro. a therapist can help you to uncover unhealthy behavioral patterns and take actionable steps toward avoiding them in future relationships. A professional, confidential conversation or two is sometimes all it takes to begin to move forward.

6. Do a social media detox

Nothing adds salt to a wound quite like seeing your ex going on without you. Maybe he’s at your favorite café, or maybe he’s hanging out with your mutual group of friends. Social media isn’t always the most honest portrayal of our lives, so save yourself the stress of having to over analyze and unfollow him instead.

Source: Vogue