Ama K Abebrese

Ama K. (Ama K Abebrese) as I affectionately call her is a TV personality mogul. With her baby face on her grown-ass body you’ll be shocked if I tell you she is 36 years old. Ama, if you’re reading this article don’t vex …. lol.

The Ghanaian-British is an award winning, actress, producer and TV presenter. She was ranked the Number 1 Most Influential TV and Radio Host 2015 on the Ghana Social Media Rankings List.

I could tell you right now that, Ama K. Abebrese is one of the few celebrities in Ghana I would love to meet. I have been following her a lot. In fact, I am one of her unseen die hard fan. I have gone through the pain to come out with these 10 beautiful pictures of our beloved actress, her swag, clothing, smiles, pose, hairstyle.

It seems I’m being a talkative, I’ve forgotten seeing is always believing. Her photos are below:

1. In Ntoma Cloth


2. With her award in 2015


3. In a beautiful Nigerian Clothing


4. In her queen’s chair … Well everybody is a king or queen in his/her home … lol


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5. With her award as the ‘Golden Supporting Actress Drama’ in 2016

Photo Credit: Swag Of Africa News



7. In a very beautiful kente cloth and a little swag


8. In an Afrocentric cloth …. lol … I don’t think far kraa


9. Dazzling in natural hair


10. With a beautiful kente ‘duku’



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