Nana Adwen Kese3

Nana Adwen Kese3 is the cousin to Nana Asabere Hilltop and own numerous mansions and cars. At age 28, he has acquired himself several collectibles and a whole lot of other things.

Besides, to have learnt that the company, owned by Nana Adwen Kese3. Nana Adwen Kese3, is fully Ghanaian owned, a lot of people applauded him.

The Adwen Bolobo Ltd company has started bagging production with a projection for three million tons of cement annually at full operational capacity at its over US$100,000 investment located on a 3-acre land near the  Hilltop.

As part of the people who form the management of the company is one Jones Kay Maafo, son of the senior presidential advisor, Yaw Osafo-Maafo, who is the in-house doctor at the company.

Following Jones Maafo’s post on how he had started work with the new manufacturing company, many other Ghanaians have come out again to share some experiences they have had with Ibrahim Mahama.

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