Diane Shima Rwigara nude
Diane Shima Rwigara laughs during a press conference in Kigali on May 3,2017. PHOTO | AFP

The uncensored nude photos of Diane Shima Rwigara, presidential candidate in Rwanda that broke the internet in the previous days may change the course of her political career.

The Rwandan presidential candidate on Friday morning was shocked to learn about the issue.

Nonetheless, this is a bold move to humiliate the Diane Shima Rwigara. The female presidential aspirant has came out to attack President Paul Kagame’s bad governance, is likely to attract criticism from women rights activists.

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The 35-year-old tough talking woman is a daughter of the late Assinapol Rwigara. He died in a motor accident in 2015.

In the conservative Rwandan society, Ms Rwigara is likely to get shunned by moralists. Moreover, the youth might warm up to her candidature but for only excitement.

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However, analysts ask, “who will take seriously a woman who finds idle time to take nude photos?”

Well ……. nudes are of no latest news in Rwanda. However, no high profile woman has been rudely exposed to this extent. This has been a territory for musicians, socialites and corporate prostitutes.

How Rwigara will respond to this photo bomb will tell a lot about the substance she is made of. For now, an innocent act such as this is a little set back to the fire she had infused into her campaign.

Click here and here for the photos.

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