Reverend Counselor George Lutterodt short men

Controversial relationship Counselor, Reverend George Lutterodt has spit another controversial view on why he thinks remaining a virgin till a woman gets married is rather a recipe for a bad marriage; a submission many says contradicts African cultural and religious beliefs.

Rachel Maame Ama Engmann, in a skit posted on her timeline with caption “My unedited discussion with Counselor Lutterodt on the R&L Show” reveals Counselor Lutterodt stating passionately that virginity means nothing; rather it destroys marriages!

George Lutterodt justifying his point says women who go into marriage as virgins always want to be treated as virgins hence the cause of their sufferings in marriage.

“Virginity is nothing. What do women have after virginity?” he asked rhetorically.

He continued:

“Don’t think because you are a virgin, you should get the best man to marry. It is based on this expectation that many who got married as virgins are suffering in marriage. All they brought into the marriage was virginity and nothing else”, He added.

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Adding that “men don’t get any benefit(s) by marrying a virgin, but rather it’s the women; hence virgin women should celebrate their husbands for helping them in fulfilling their dream of No sex before marriage.”

He said men compare their wives’ sexual strength to the several women they slept with before marriage, hence marrying a virgin is such no big deal to them.

“Have women asked themselves why their husbands go after their house helps? It’s because they (House helps) always have something better to offer in bed and in the kitchen”, he added

He finally advised women to add value to themselves to keep their marriage, rather than solely focusing on abstaining from sex before marriage.