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In the society today, there are several beautiful single ladies whose aspiration is to marry a good husband but due to their ridiculous demands, guys get scared and settle for the ones who understand their financial situation.

However, a responsible lady surely knows the best way to sell herself costly to a guy. The following points are often used by these ladies to get what they want.

1. Striking Up Intellectual Discussions

In the era when many ladies are so dumb that they’re always quiet during intellectual discussions while the responses you will always get from most of them is “nothing, “I don’t know”; responsible ladies advertise themselves by striking up an intellectual discussion and by so doing, this will surely make a man want to get to know more of her.

2. Preparing Delicious Delicacy

An adage says “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. To keep a man, a lady should be able to know how to cook delicious delicacy that will make canteen foods taste soar to the man. It’s very shameful that some ladies read manual before boiling ordinary egg. Responsible ladies are not lazy, they help their mother in the kitchen which improve their cooking skills to suit their men.

3. Approaching Men Diligently

The issue of whether it is ideal for a woman to approach a man has been causing controversy for a long time. By the virtue of this, most ladies are filled with pride and overbloated ego that when you approach them, they will squeeze their faces as if they’re drinking “jedi-jedi”. Responsible ladies are courageous and confident. They know how to diligently approach a man without the man feeling like he’s too special or something.

4. Perseverance and Humility

These are the watchword of responsible ladies which they use to advertise themselves to serious minded men knowing fully when that no matter how beautiful a lady may be, if her behaviour is like that of a thug or tout, no guy will want to approach her.

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5. Eating Responsibly/Moderately During Date

I remember when my friend, Micky said he once took a lady to an eatery only her to be feeding as if there’s famine in Ghana. He had to borrow transport fare from one of the waiters as he couldn’t trek home. Many ladies are like this. Responsible ladies request moderately, they won’t order for take-away, in fact, some of them will order and will volunteer to pay. This act is such a big turn on for most guys.

6. Dynamism in Intimacy and Romance

I am not saying as a lady, you should have s#x frequently but when that special moment comes with your partner, don’t allow him to do all the hard-work while you will be lying down like log of wood. Learn several intimate positions most especially from experienced married couples and whirl your man during love making. There is no way he won’t consider proposing to you except he doesn’t genuinely loves you.

7. Rejecting Gifts

It is very difficult for ladies to reject gifts from guys in this Mahama’s administration especially if the gift is an expensive one. However, no matter how needy responsible girls can be, they don’t show to men that they’re money mongers. As a matter of fact, some of them will even reject your money even when they need it.

8. Dressing Responsibly

Another way responsible ladies advertise themselves to men is that they dress appealing and moderately. They don’t dress half unclad, they don’t wear tattoo, they don’t sag their trousers, they don’t wear anklets and waist chains that will give men the impression that they’re runs girls.